Jessica E. Cornell

Hoosier at heart but belong to the city of brotherly love. I am a wife and mommy. I love horseback riding and love #dogsofinstagram.

After becoming obsessed with how the web works, I aggressively learned through Girl Develop It ( ), Team Treehouse ( ), and extensive prodding and poking around on CMS programs. I was then hired as a front-end developer at my dream job, Urban Outfitters, and I've never been more thankful.

I am a creator and crafter of wall art with my bestie and we put things up for sale on our Etsy page:

I am a hard worker, well organized, and a detail-oriented woman.

My motto is: Team work makes the dream work!

“Have convictions. Be friendly. Stick to your beliefs as they stick to theirs.
Work as hard as they do.” -Eleanor Roosevelt


Jr. Front End Developer

Urban Outfitters


Grace College & Seminary

B.S. Graphic Design

Minor in Communications


Diadem German Shorthaired Pointers Invitations By Design Christian Carrollo


traditional print graphic design photography web design


Weebly WordPress Digital Photography Logo Design HTML/CSS Photo Editing Retouching Photos InDesign Photoshop Illustrator Mac Savvy